How to Rent

  1. Click the Rent Now button.
  2. Determine what your needs are and find your items. For example, if I wanted a 14' Raft I would go in and find one that fits my needs.
  3. Enter the date range for when you would like your equipment, then click "Check Availability and Price."
  4. If your item is available and within your budget, click check out. If it isn't, you can click "Back." From here, you will see the total price of your items for the duration of your rental and the availability of items.
  5. After you hit "Checkout," you can either (a) continue shopping by hitting the "Items" or "Packages" buttons in the top right or (b) review your purchase and hit "Checkout" again.
  6. Fill out the script correctly with your billing information for your credit card. If you have any items that require you to make a note of sizes or other options, this is the screen to do it in.
    1. If you choose to pay with card, and guarantee your reservation, you can select to pay with Authorize.Net. When you submit this will redirect you to their site to pay and when we receive valid payment your rental will be guaranteed.
    2. If you choose the "Cash on delivery" option your rental will be available for other people to rent until you submit your payment.
    3. Payment can be made in person at the Recreation Center at 144 Wilson Ave, Pocatello, ID 83201 or over the phone at (208) 234-6232.
    4. Read the terms and conditions. These are very important and you will be upheld to these terms, including such terms as late fees and replacement costs, so be sure you understand them. You will be agreeing to the terms when you submit payment and we will give you a copy with your rental.