We offer a variety of packages to our renters to make your river trip planning easier—perfect for rafting, kayaking, or canoeing trips. Please review our packages below, and don't miss our list of accessory items.


We offer our rafts in 3 different packages: Raft Only Setup, The Paddle Package, and The Multi-day Row Package.

Raft Only Package.

This is a bare-bones setup for someone that has most of the gear that they need but is looking for some reliable rubber. It includes the boat, a pump, and the bow line. Other than that, you’re on your own.

Raft Only Package 1 Day 2–3 Days 4+ Days
10.5' Self-Bailing $30 $25/day $20/day
14' Self-Bailing $50 $40/day $35/day
15' Self-Bailing $50 $40/day $35/day
16' Self-Bailing $55 $45/day $40/day
15' Standard $40 $30/day $25/day
18' Standard $45 $35/day $25/day
The Paddle Package.

This package is for the Weekend Warriors of the rafting world. Rent the paddle package to get 1 PFD (lifejacket) and 1 paddle for every 2 feet of boat. It also includes a hand pump, bow line, and throw bag. This allows you and 6 of your closest pals to pick up the rig and leave for adventure. This setup is usually meant for day trips but could be suitable for longer overnight trips with support from the rest of the group.

You could also choose the Stern frame variation of this package. This gives you a frame that is placed on the stern of the boat, 4 straps, and 2 oars. The downside is that you get 2 less PFDs and paddles in this setup.

The Paddle Package 1 Day 2–3 Days 4+ Days
10.5' Self-Bailing $40 $35/day $30/day
14' Self-Bailing $60 $50/day $45/day
15' Self-Bailing $60 $50/day $45/day
16' Self-Bailing $65 $55/day $50/day
15' Standard $50 $40/day $35/day
18' Standard $55 $45/day $35/day
The Multi-Day Row Package.

This package is for the boater with some experience. It takes knowledge and some skill to equip a raft like this for an overnight backcountry adventure. If this is what you're looking for then we have what you need. This Package will get you the following: raft, frame, 3 oars, 3 PFDs, 8 straps, a cooler, a repair kit, a pump, a throw bag, and a bow line. We also offer other gear that you may want for your trip check down in accessories.

The Row Package 1 Day 2–3 Days 4+ Days
10.5' Self-Bailing $55 $55/day $50/day
14' Self-Bailing $70 $70/day $65/day
15' Self-Bailing $70 $70/day $65/day
16' Self-Bailing $75 $75/day $70/day
15' Standard $60 $60/day $55/day
18' Standard $65 $65/day $55/day

Inflatable Kayaks, Hard Kayaks, SUP and Canoes

We offer a variety of other recreational vehicles, but some of these items require a little more skill to use. If you have questions we can talk you through some, but if you need lessons you'd better sign up for one of our classes! Email for that kind of information.

Inflatable Kayak Package.

These are the toys of the river world, sometimes called a "Duckie." Take these down either a day trip or an expedition if you feel like getting a little more of a ride, but if you are going into rough waters be prepared to swim a little. You can get this in a 1- or 2-person setup with gear to match. So a 1-man comes with the IK, 1 paddle, 1 PFD, 1 helmet (upon request), 1 throw bag, 1 pump. A 2-man comes with the IK, 2 paddles, 2 PFDs, 2 helmets (upon request), 1 throw bag, and one pump.

IK Package 1 Day 2–3 Days 4+ Days
Solo SB $20 $15/day $13/day
Tandem SB $25 $20/day $18/day
Hard Shell Kayak Package.

We also offer the close brother of the Duckie, the Hard Shell Kayak. If you know the ways of the Kayak then you can navigate some of the most treacherous waters known to man. If you do not know the ways of the kayak then the only places you will visit will be a hospital or a grave. Your own grave. These vessels can go almost anywhere with the right operator. I’ve seen them go anywhere from waterfalls to aqueducts. Seriously YouTube it. I’m not lying. Either way with this you get the Kayak, a paddle, helmet (upon request), PFD, a skirt, and a float bag. If you don’t know what some of theses items are then you should either, a) skip out on this item until you know what they are, or b) take one of our classes and we will get you rolling (literally).

Hard Shell Package 1 Day 2–3 Days 4+ Days
Kayak (HS) $18 $14/day $12/day
SUP (Stand-up Paddle) Package.

The Stand-up Paddle Board (SUP) is a purely recreational enjoyment item. This item is difficult to master, but also has a low level of risk. Take this out to lakes, rivers, your neighbor’s pool, you could even take your dog for a ride on the front if you are s SUP ninja. Whatever your intentions are for this item you are bound to have a great time! You will get the board, a paddle, and a pump. If you feel you need a lifejacket that’s extra. Check below for pricing, or email us we may be able to work something out.

SUP Package 1 Day 2–3 Days 4+ Days
SUP $20 $15/day $12/day
Canoe Package.

I will be completely honest with you. Our canoes are beat up. On the flip side, they are priced accordingly. If you are looking for a calm flat-water river or a small glassy lake, then we may have a vessel for you. If you need a white-water canoe then we do not have the vessel for you. Just keeping it real people. With the canoes you get the canoe, 2 PFDs, 2 paddles, a bowline and 2 straps.

Canoe Package 1 Day 2–3 Days 4+ Days
Aluminum or Fiberglass $20 $15/day $13/day


These are all of the other items we own that we just didn’t know how to squeeze into a package without causing so much extra work that it would be ridiculous. In the end we just decided to list them on their own. The list gets pretty extensive so I hope you’re ready.

Accessories 1 Day 2–3 Days 4+ Days
PFDs $2.50 $2/day $2/day
Wet Suits $10 $7/day $5/day
Booties $3 $2/day $2/day
Splash Suit $7 $5/day $4/day
Johnny Partner $12 $9/day $7/day
Dry Box $6 $5/day $4/day
Cooler $6 $5/day $4/day
Paddle $1 $1/day $0.50/day
Oar $4 $3/day $2/day